Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences

     Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences counts more than half century. It was founded on 12 December 1957 and its first president was the academician Mikheil Sabashvili. Then, up to 1971 agrarian sciences of the country was headed by the Department of Agriculture of Georgian Academy of Sciences. In 1971 the Transcaucasian regional department of All-tinion Academy of Agricultural Sciences was formed in Georgia and the academician Ivan Kholdilov was appointed to the office of its academician-secretary. In 1983 the academician Valerian Metreveli became its academician-secretary first, and then its chairman. On the basis of the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of Georgia # 615 of 29 October 1990 the Georgian Academy of Agrarian Sciences was reinstated.


Presidents of Georgian Academy of Agrarian Sciences:

Sabashvili MAcademician Mikheil Sabashvili (1957 -1961)

Metreveli VAcademicvian of GAAS Valerian Metreveli (1990-2004)

Qarqashadze NAcademician of GAAS Napoleon Karkashadze (2004 -IV - 2005 - IX)

Chalaganidze ShAcademician of GAAS Shota Chalaganidze (2007 - 2012 - X)

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