Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences

EURAXESS – Wide Possibilities for Georgia

Meeting at Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation

Rust Fondi 2020

On January 10, 2020, a meeting was held at Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation, within the frames of the project - EURAXESS Georgia. The Foundation initiates development of the services and trainings with participation of partner universities and scientific –research centers. The Academy was represented with two members – Deputy President Dr. Anatoli Giorgadze and Learned Secretary Dr. Revaz Lolishvili. General Director of the Foundation talked about wide perspectives of EURAXESS - Georgia and its further development. The Website will be on Georgian and English languages, besides instructions will be also in Abkhaz language.

Training of Trainers will be organized who will later conduct trainings about the application of the Platform and the perspectives of the Foundation in international projects. The goal of the planned measures is to raise the index of achievement of Georgian scholars.

Deputy Director, Nino Gachechiladze talked about the aims of EURAXESS - Georgia, its possibilities, communication strategy and expected results.

Series of activities conducted within the project EURAXESS - Georgia, also the content and timetable of planned trainings on the topic of the application of the platform was also discussed.

The representatives of Rustaveli Foundation Scientific Department Lana Davituliani and Salome Sharashenidze participated in the discussion held round the problem.

It was decided that one of the employees of the academy will participate in training sessions; and then the Academy of Agricultural Sciences will be registered as a scientific organization into the network EURAXESS – European Union organization of Researches and Innovations. Moreover, individual members of the Academy will be able to register in the network which will significantly increase opportunity of the GAAS members to be involved in international projects.


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