Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Meeting of the Presidium of Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences

120 years Jubilee of Academician Nikoloz Khomizurashvili

Xomiz 1On January 29, 2020, a Meeting of the Presidium of Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences was held dedicated to a distinguished Georgian scholar, Academician Nikoloz Khomizurashvili.

N. Khomizurashvili was one of the founders of Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, its vice-president, academician, member correspondent of the Academy, Doctor of Agriculture, Professor, and an honored scientist.

The Meeting was opened by the President of the Academy Guram Aleksidze who talked about his scientific achievements and remembered a few distinguished moments from his long and fruitful cooperation with the scholar.

Academician Vazha Kvaliashvili spoke about the yearly years of Khomizurashvili’s life, who was born in 1900, January 24, in Telavi, Kakheti, and then the presenter talked in details about his long and fruitful scientific and social activities.

N. Khomizurashvili finished Telavi Gymnasium in 1925, and after graduating from Tbilisi University Department of Agronomy, was offered to continue working at the same Department. Soon he was sent to Germany to get a deeper knowledge in different scientific institutes of Europe. Sponsored by German scolars, he travelled in France, Belgium, Italy, and Holland to study the problems of genetics and selection.

During his long and fruitful life, he worked on different positions, as a director of Scientific – Research Institute of Viticulture, Horticulture and Winemaking of Georgia, during which he initiated opening of the Museum of Wine.

Academician Khomizurashvili is the author of hundreds of scientific researches, among which are: Atlas of Fruits, text-books on horticulture in 2 volumes. He was one of the founders of industrial horticulture in Georgia, described and studies many species of fruit, made a classification of fruit varieties.

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N. Khomizurashvili was also outstanding public figure. In 1961, Nikita Khrushchov, then First Secretary General of CPSS ordered to cut down vineyards in Kakheti region and sow corn instead. Khomizurashvili managed to persuade Georgian government that it would be an unpardonable mistake and thus saved his country from the catastrophe which would be a blow to Georgian viticulture and winemaking.  

N. Khomizurashvili was awarded with many state medals, and his achievements were many times distinguished by Georgian Government and his personality was highly appreciated by the nation. In 1966, he was awarded with the Honorable Title of a Hero of Labor.

N. Khomizurashvili passed in 1971, and is buried in Didube Pantheon, Tbilisi.

Academicians Nodar Chkhartishvili, Iuza Aasadze, the grandson of Khomizurashvili, and Zurab Chpashvili retold to the audience about their memories connected with distinguished scientists and statesman whose scientific achievements are known far beyond Georgia. Academician N. Khomizurashvili has earned the name of distinguished scholar and his patriotism is worthy of respect.


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