Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Meeting of the Commission on Agrarian Innovations

On January 29, 2020, a Meeting of the Commission on Agrarian Innovations (The head of the Commission Academician A. Didebulidze) was organized.

Tsotne Samadashvili, Professor of Agrarian University, the Head of Grain Culture Department of Scientific Research Center, made a presentation on the topic: “The significance of Georgian wheat in the world and the production strategy”. Co-presenter was Paata Koghuashvili. Wheat is one of the most ancient cultures in Georgia, and out of 27 varieties of wheat registered in the world, the origin of 14 - is Georgia, out of which 5 are endemic varieties. They are considered to be the best genetic source in the world selection process of wheat.

The demand on Georgian wheat has been increased significantly for the last years. In three scientific-research centers, the process of preservation, renovation, maintenance and propagation is successfully carried out.

On the testing plot of the wheat, endemic varieties are grown to meet the demands of Georgian farmers.

The recent Government decision on this issue recommend an increase of wheat production in Georgia, but it has to be clearly defined that the wheat crop enhancement and compatibility should be achieved only through application of high quality sowing seeds and enhanced agro-technical measures.

To accomplish this goal, it is necessary to develop seed processing and producing infrastructure, and finally substitute imported wheat. Between the wheat growers and producers should be set up a long term, stable cooperation.

   The abovementioned presentation raised a live interest among the meeting participants who were involved in discussion round the problem and adopted some recommendations.    


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