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Memorandum of Cooperatio with Ukraine National Academy of Agrarian Sciences – Scientific Research Institute of Animal Biology

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On July 25, 2019, Deputy of the President of GAAS, Anatoli Giorgadze had an official visit at the Research Institute of Animal Biology in Lvov and signed a memorandum of cooperation.

The Scientific- research Institute is a leading Scientific organization in Ukraine which studies animal bio-chemistry, physiology, the problems of feeding and bio-technology.

Main scientific directions of the Institute are: fundamental research in physiology and bio-chemistry of agricultural animals, poultry, and fish; working out bio-technological methods to raise the quality and quantity of the product; research of etiological and morphogenetic factors of the infections, and working out preventive and diagnostic methods to fight against them. One of the essential aspects of the current researches is the study ecological factors and their influence on physiological and biochemical status to get ecologically clean product.

Organization structure of the Institute includes the following: 10 laboratories, 1 testing plot for farming; 71 researchers carry out scientific work, among them 15 are doctors of sciences, 50 candidate of sciences, 7 professors, and 26 senior scientific workers.

The Institute has postgraduate studies and young scholars are learning and working on their doctorate theses – direction: Biochemistry; human and animal physiology.

Dr. Anatoli Giorgadze and the First Deputy Director of the Institute Professor Nikoloz Sharan met with the institute staff members and discussed the further areas of close cooperation between the Academy of Lvovi Scientific Research Institute and Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

A particular attention was paid to the problems of preservation of local species of animals and birds to keep bio-diversity and preserve genetic resources.  Lvovi 3

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Distinguished Scholar and Dignified Public Figure

Academician Guram Aleksidze – 80 years old!


         G Al 80      A Distinguished Scholar and Dignified Public Figure, the president of Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Academician Guram Aleksidze reached 80 years. He dedicated 55 years of his life to scientific, pedagogical and public work.

       Scientific work of Academician G. Aleksidze is widely known not only in Georgia, but also abroad. His intensive cooperation with international scientific organizations and associations, often in the position of a leader, creates basis to acknowledge his distinguished role in development and popularization of Georgian scientific achievements. This is the highest mission of every scholar and public figure.

       At present, he continues his fruitful scientific and public activities with great enthusiasm.

       His colleagues and the staff of Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences wholeheartedly congratulates academician Guram Aleksidze with the Jubilee and wishes long and healthy life to serve his home country and attain new goals.

Ajara Scientific – Coordinating Center of Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences

On July 18, 2019, in Ajara Scientific – Coordinating Center of Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences organized a Round Table on: “Introduced Species of berry cultures ( blueberry, blackberry (Rubus rivularis L;) , raspberry) – morphological and agricultural characteristics”.  Batumi VII 2019 1

           In the work of Round Table the following persons took part: Mamuka Turmanidze, First Deputy Minister of Ajara Autonomous Republic; Merab Bladadze, member of Agrarian Committee of Ajara Parliament; Academician Rezo Jabnidze, Nato Jabnidze, The Academy of Agriculture Scholarship winner; Edisher Diasamidze, Head of agricultural Development Department of Ajara; Giorgi Makharadze, Chief specialist of the same Ministry; Specialists Tamaz Beridze and Oleg Gvarishvili of the Ajara Ministry of Agriculture; professors of Shota Rustaveli State University Technological Department Otar Shainidze, Shota Lamparadze, lamzira Gorgiladze, Nunu Nakashidze, Inga Gaprindashvili, Nodar Beridze; researchers from Scientific Institutes of the University: Dr. Giorgi Jabnidze, Nana Kontselidze, Merab Ardzenadze, Doctorate student Mirza Kurshubadze, MA students Lasha Meladze, Rezo Dolidze, Giorgi Putkaradze, Mukhran Ananidze, and Avto Chitishvili, the Head of the Department of Batumi Botanical Garden.

Batumi VII 2019 2The Round Table participants discussed current situation of introducing berry cultures which is carried out within the State project – “ Plant the Future”. This component includes planting and growing the following berry cultures: blueberry, blackberry (Rubus rivularis L;) and raspberry. Therefore, it is important to study morphological and agricultural characteristics of those introduced species on scientific level. The region is a pioneer in teaching those new species, their morphological and agricultural specificities.

In the five municipalities of Ajara Republic, the study of introduced species was carried out on the pre- selected plots. Based on those studies, the best forms of berries were selected and some publications and recommendations will be prepared and published.

Climatic conditions and soil structure suit well to growing of abovementioned berry cultures, therefore it is highly recommended to continue their farming and growing those cultures in Kobuleti, Khelvachauri and Kedi Municipalities. This also increased the popularity of the regions.  Batumi VII 2019 3

The neccessity to carry out scientific research on theses cultures according to munucipalities disctated the scope and aspects of the study –agrotechniques and selection. In the result, the farmers were given recommendations regarding growing different species and forms of berries – their positive and negative biological and agricultural characteristics. Taking into consideration those recommendations give chance to farmers to increase the quantity and quality of the crop.

At the end of the discussion, Vice Minister Mamuka Turmanidze and Academician Rezo Jabnidze made a resume to the Round Table discussion and pointed out its significance and positive results.  

Anatoli Giorgadze – the Academy Scholarship winner has attained 50!


A Giorgadze 50


        Anatoli Giorgadze – Deputy President of Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Head of Administrative Department, Coordinator of Scientific Departments, Academic Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, winner of Academy Scholarship - is celebrating his 50-year anniversary on July 14, 2019.

Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences congratulates Dr. Anatoli Giorgadze with the jubilee, wishes him a along, fruitful life and success in his scientific work.

Joint Expedition of Georgian and Korean Scientists

On June 28, 2019, a delegation of South Korea visited Coordinating Center for Environment Protection and Agro-biology, GAAS.Korea 2019 10

The visit was held within the framework of Joint Project based on agreement between Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences and National Center for Administration of Agro-bio diversity, Development of Agriculture, Korea.

The aim of the project is to exchange plant genetic resources and develop joint research activities in the field of plant genetic resources. The leading experts of the project from Georgian side are: Academician Guram Aleksidze, the President of GAAS, Dr. Nato Kakabadze, National Coordinator of Vegetable Cultures, GAAS.       

Korea 2019 11During the expedition, in different municipalities of Georgia, 500 samples of seeds and seed material of local species of vegetables and grain cultures were found and collected. The material was collected in the vicinity of Tbilisi, in Kobuleti, Batumi, Rustavi, Zestaponi, Kutaisi, Samtredia, Zugdidi, Mestia, Tsalenjixa, Senaki, Tskaltubo, Ambrolauri, Tkibui, Khashuri, Bolnisi and Marneuli, and then the material was sent to South Korea, Center of Agro-bio diversity.

In future, Georgian specialists will visit Korea in order to study the possibility of plant genetic material adaptation to local environment.


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