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Meeting of the Commission for Agrarian Innovations

On September 25, 2019, a Meeting of the Commission for Agrarian Innovations was held  at the Academy of Agricultural Sciences on the following topic: “Engineering in Agriculture: its present and future perspectives of development”. The Presenter - Dr. of Technical Sciences, Professor  Nugzar Ebanoidze, Head of Agro-Engineering Department at Scientific Research Center of Agriculture, spoke about Ltd “Mechanizatori” which has service centers in different regions and provides modern tractors and other agricultural machines.  The farmers can get technical services when growing different cultures. Because of high costs on gasoline and other expenditures, the costs for the activities carried out by Ltd. “Mekazatori” – are often very high. Considering the present problems, the presenter suggests that more effective forms of technical services should be offered which will provide service in a lower price and will be more efficient. For this purpose, it is necessary to set up a park of agricultural machines in different regions which will provide local farmers with necessary equipment. Also, it has been stated that there is a deficiency in qualified specialists. At higher education institutions there are limited departments which prepare the specialists in the field of mechanization of agriculture. Moreover, a number of scientific research institutes working on the problem have been closed in the 1970s and 1990s.

The problem of mechanization of agriculture is very urgent and much effort should be applied to make positive steps in this direction. 

Young guests - students of Tbilisi public schools at the Academy of Agricultural Sciences


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On September 26, 2019, the tenth and eleventh grade students of Tbilisi # 52 public school visited the Academy of Agricultural Sciences. They participated in the activities planned within the Festival of “Science and Innovations” held in 2019.  

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  The meeting was opened by the Vice President of the Academy Dr. Anatoli Giorgadze.  The members of the Academy, Academician Elguja Shapakidze, the Head of Academic Department and Academician E. Gugushvili welcomed the young guests and talked about the achievements in agrarian sciences, and the challenges the future generation will face in this area. moc 3

 Ms. Marina Nijharadze, the director of the school talked about aesthetic education of the young generation and the significance of such meetings. The School Director and Ketevan Nioradze, the teacher of the #52 public school, thanked the Academy for organizing such important meeting.

 The professors of the academy delivered the scientific lectures on the following topics: 

1.“Bio-diversity of Georgian Fauna – Hunting animals.” Presenter: Doctor of Agricultural Sciences Anatoli Giorgadze.

2. “What do we know about mirage?”  Dr. R. Lolishvili

             The lectures delivered by the members of the Academy had a significant effect on the young auditorium; they asked questions and expressed their appreciation towards the presenters.  

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Scientific Conference at the Department of Forest Studies

 On September 24, 2019, at Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, a scientific conference was held on the topic: “Problems of Development of Integrated Management in Forest Studies”.

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      The Conference was conducted within the framework of the Festival of Science and Innovations, (Tbilisi, September 21-30, 2019) and raised a live interest among wide circle of researchers and society.

The Conference was opened by the President of the Academy, Academician Guram Aleksidze who welcomed the Conference participants and emphasized the urgent problems existed in the field. Satkeo Konf 2

        Mr. Iuri Nozadze, Deputy Minister of Environment and Agriculture, Ms.Natia Iordanishvili, Deputy head of Forest management department, Ministry of Environment and Agriculture. Ms. Nino Chkhobadze, Co-President of the Movement – Friends of the Earth, Mr. Bakur Gulua, the Head of the Development of Agriculture, Patriarchate of Georgia, and Ms. Marina Nijharadze, Director of Tbilisi Public School – delivered speeches and underscored the importance of the scientific forum which addresses such important issue.    

 Seminari satkeo 3      The participants presented important research results Conference, in particular, the presentations, such as:

  • Academician Giorgi GagoshidzeGAAS, Georgian Technical University. “Problems of Development of Integrated Management in Forest Studies”.
  • Dr. Giorgi Kavtaradze - V. Gulisashvili Forest Studies Institute. Georgian Agrarian University.  “ Challenges of Forest institutional administration – ways of management”
  • Ms. Natia Iordanishvili – GAAS, National Forest Agency. “Measures of optimization of forest management industry” .Seminari satkeo 4

   Nato Kobakhidze, Georgian Agrarian University, “ Forest Studies at higher education institutions in Georgia”

Anzor Meskhishvili – Dr. of Economic Sciences, Professor, “The Results of land reforms in Georgia”.

Zurab Manveladze, Batumi Botanical Garden, “High Value of conservation, instruments for forest integrated management”.

Dimitri Natroshvili – Georgian Agrarian University. “Resource-saving technologies in forest industry”.

 Satkeo Konf 5 Malkhaz Samadashvili – Telavi State Univrsity. “Georgian Oak Tree area in Shida Kartli”.

Rezo Kiladze – Kutaisi A. Tsereteli State University. “Landscape and recreational potential of Kutaisi surroundings”.

Medea Burjanadze, Georgian Agrarian University. “Application of local pesticides Bover-Ge for pest control in Georgia“.

The Conference results were discussed and summarized by the participants and the importance of the problems raised during the Conference were presented by Academician Nodar Chitanava and Academician Giorgi Gagoshidze. The Scientific Conference issued a resolution which was sent to Georgian Ministry of Environment and Agricultur , and to other relevant organizations and administrative units working on the problems of forest industry development for discussion and  consideration.   Satkeo Konf 6

Academician Gogola ( Guliko) Margvelashvili – 80

Gogola MargvOn the 22nd of September, 2019, Academician, Gogola (Guliko) Margvelashvili, a Real Member of Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, a Doctor of Agrarian Sciences, became 80 years old and fulfilled his 55-year scientific, educational and social work.

Dr. Margvelashvili was the first woman who defended her Doctorate dissertation, earned her doctorate degree and was awarded a title of  Professor in Agro-chemistry.

 Till present G. Margvelashvili is the only Georgian woman who holds the title of academician in the field of Agro-chemistry. 

     Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences wholeheartedly congratulates a distinguished professor, researcher and public figure, Academician Gogola Margvelashvili with the Jubilee and wishes a long, happy and healthy life, further scientific achievements and fruitful public work for the benefit of our country.

International Scientific Cooperation on Mechanization of Agriculture

         On June 26-29, 2019, in one of the resort towns – Burges, an international Scientific Technical Congress on the topic:  “ Machines in Agriculture” was held. More than fifty researchers arrived to participate in the Congress from different countries: Germany, Poland, Check, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Russia and Georgia, among others. Academician Jemal Katsitadze, member of GAAS  Chief Specialist of Agricultural Scientific Center, and Giorgi Kutelia, Academy Scholarship winner, participated in the Congress. J. Katsitadze was  a member of  Organizational Committee the Congress which was opened by Professor Mikho Mikhov,  the  Head of  Organizational Committee. J. Katsitadze greeted the Conference participants on behalf of Georgian Academy of Agricultural Science, Shota Rustaveli National Scientific Foundation and Georgian Agrarian University and wished successful and fruitful work.  He also delivered some souvenirs from Georgia.

J. Katsitadze’s presentation was on the following topic:  „Machine Reliability Research of low mechanization in the mountain conditions of Adjara with the aim of its increasing“.  The article presents theoretical basis for reliability of small- scale machines and the results obtained from experiment in Ajara.

 There were some discussions and questions which followed his presentation; the participants give high appreciation to the presentation. Katsitadze also was also the head of the section        “ Technical Service of Machines”.

 56 scientific papers were presented at the Congress and the one delivered by J. Katsitadze was among ten top. He was delivered a Diploma; his article besides Conference Proceedings  was also published in international scientific journal “Mechanization in Agriculture” in Sophia. Now Academician Katsitadze is a member of Editorial Board of the journal.  

        The Scientific Congress adopted some recommendations regarding effective application of research results to solve the problems of mechanization in Agriculture.

         J. Katsitadze also was interviewed by a Bulgarian TV commentator who published the interview in a sc ientific popular journal “ Mechanization of farming” ( Bulgaria).

Kacitadze Bulgaretshi

Academician J. Katsitadze at International Scientific-Technical Congress.

( Bulgaria, July 26, 2019)


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