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At Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences

        Tbilisi May 15, 2019.

          Following the Chart of Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, (Chapter IX, Par. 38; Chapter X, Par. 38; Chapter X, Par 40 and 41), and the Regulations regarding the procedure of election of the Candidates for Scientific Scholarship of the Academy (passed on January 25, 2019), the elections were held on June 3, 2019, following the rule of secret balloting, and it revealed the following candidates of the election participants: See the details in attachment.


Commission Meeting on Agrarian Innovations

On April 24, 2019, Commission Meeting on Agrarian Innovations was held at the Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Short presentation was delivered by Chief Academician –Secretary Elguja Shapakidze. He stated that two distinguished researchers who are the authors of the most number of State Patents for their innovations in Agrarian Sciences - Dr. Vladimer Maruashvili and young scientists Dr. Edisher Midelashvili have been recognized with with Honorable Certificates of the Academy. The event was dedicated to the 26th of April – International Day of Intellectual Property.

The next presentation – delivered by the representatives of Sakpatent” Davit Gabunia and Merab Kutsia - focused on the main problems of development of system of protection of Geographical identifications. New species development in agriculture is the result of purposeful creative activity, therefore they are the objects of intellectual property which needs to be protected by due regulations. The researcher should get appropriate payment and profit through multiplying and selling the material which was obtained through selection process.  

The meeting participants also mentioned that in accordance with Georgian Law, a testing on distinguished properties of new species should be carried out by a person who has accreditation; then, testing results should be verified by by Expert Group which is operating at the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture. Unfortunately, till present, registration and accreditation of a new breed could be obtained only from other country, or in the result of testing results carried out by a selectioner – researcher.

           The Commision stated that a working group should be set up which will be staffed by the members of “Sakpatent” and the research Center of the Ministry of Agriculture. The group will work out the strategy and present the plan on how to regulate the abovementioned problem to the Presidium of the Academy.

International Day of the Veterinaries

On May 1, 2019, at the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, a Scientific Conference was held which was dedicated to the International Day of Veterinaries. The Conference was organized on the initiative of Cattle breeding and Veterinary Department at the Academy.

Veterinaris dge 1Among invited guests were Lasha Avalishvili, General Director of the Project “Investment and quality in agriculture”, Mikheil Sokhadze, the UN Food and Agriculture organization project supervisor; Lali Vashakidze, the President of veterinaries’ Association; Dr. Zaira Kapiashvili, the first professor in the field of veterinary; Dr. Nikoloz Tsertsvadze, Jemal Nachkebia, Teo Urushadze, Dean of Agrarian University, the students of Agrarian University, and others.

           The Conference was opened by Academician – Secretary of GAAS Jemal Gugushvili who welcomed the meeting participants and talked about the role of Veterinaries in production of safe and high quality meat and milk product.

Academician Tengiz Kurashvili’s presentation was dedicated to veterinary services in Georgia and focused on the problems which exist in this field, and the ways to overcome them.Veterinaris dge 2

           The speeches were made by the following persons: Lasha Avaliani, Mikheil Sokhadze, Lali Vashakidze, Zaira Kapianidze, Nikoloz Tsertsvadze, Jemal Nachkebia, Levan Tortladze, Davit Goderdzishvili, Levan Makaradze, and Besarion Lasareishvili. They congratulated the doctors- veterinaries with the international day and mentioned that wise and kindly attitude towards domestic animals was discussed in a historical Georgian book on medicine which describes different methods treatment and therapy of domestic animals. They also mentioned that at present the level of teaching and training veterinary doctors do not satisfy international standards, also they expressed their belief that the situation in this respect will change soon and we shall have highly qualified specialists.

Veterinaris dge 3


At the Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Tbilisi, April 25, 2019.

           In accordance with the Chart of the Academy ( Chapter X, Par. 41) and the Decision made by the Academy ( #1, January 25, 2019), Expert Commission stated that the vacancy on real Member of the Academy , specialty 0105 “ Forest studies” specialization “ Forest Industry” 010501 – one vacancy. The following persons are the candidates for the position.  

T Kandelaki




1.1.Temur Kandelaki – Doctor of Economic Sciences, Full Professor of Agrarian University;

    ( see the CV in attachment)




G Gagoshidze a     


      1.2.Giorgi Gagoshidze - Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Full Professor of of Georgian Technical University. He was given recommendation to participate in the Contest to fill the vacancy.  

    ( see the CV in attachment)


International Scientific Conference

On April 7-12, 2019, in Batumi, Hotel “Inturist” The 9th International Conference of Black and Caspian Seas and Central Asian Countries ( BACSA) was held. The topic of the Conference was: Sericulture Preservation and Revival –Problems and Prospects“. The theme of the Conference fits well with the present state of sericulture development in Georgia, the country which strives to revive ancient traditions of sericulture; Also, some measures of its development have been taken.

           Information regarding this problem has been published in media. Newspapers “Republic of Georgia”, Wednesday, April 17, 2019, and “ Rezonans” April 19, 2019, Friday.

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